Gigi Hadid wants to feel 'empowered' whilst naked

Gigi Hadid "wishes" she felt "empowered and excited" by being naked.

The 23-year-old model - who once appeared completely naked in a 2015 campaign for Stuart Weitzman - has admitted she doesn't feel comfortable with modelling in the nude, and wishes she had the confidence some other models have to strut her stuff wearing nothing at all.

She said: "Some people are empowered and excited to be naked and that is amazing. And I wish I was one of those people and I am not one of those people. And I've accepted that about myself and that is okay."

The blonde beauty also spoke about the modelling industry in relation to #MeToo, and said that sometimes she will feel more willing to do things during one shoot than she does in another, and insists photographers need to learn that feeling differently from shoot to shoot is "okay".

Speaking during a panel hosted by Vogue runway director Nicole Phelps, she said: "There are times where I feel like I am excited about a photographer or a creative situation where I will do this or will do that. But there's also times where I can be - even though I am so excited for everyone and feel so happy with their empowerment being naked themselves - it's okay that I feel differently."

Meanwhile, fellow model Ashley Graham also appeared on the panel, and said that she believes models have been treated better since the #MeToo movement.

She said: "A lot has changed and I think that people are much more mindful of where you're changing, if you're naked on set that everything is very closed off and that you feel comfortable."

However, the curvy beauty still finds some people who are "insensitive" about the movement.

She added: "I've had people on set try to brush my hair and then say, 'Oh I don't want to #MeToo you.' First of all that is so insensitive, it's awkward. Also you don't know the person you're brushing their hair what they've been through and their experiences."