Gigi Hadid Wears Boyfriend Zayn Malik's Name Across Her Butt

Forget wearing your heart on your sleeve, these days it’s all about wearing your heart on your butt. Just ask Gigi Hadid

Hadid was spotted Tuesday, just ahead of New York Fashion Week, in a tank top, fuzzy sweater, high ponytail and her boyfriend, Zayn Malik’s name plastered across her left back Maje jean pocket. 

Hmmm. (Gotham via Getty Images)

In an age equally obsessed with Instagram fodder and embroidery, this declaration of love isn’t too surprising. And sure, it’s less permanent than a tattoo. But what ever happened to good old name plate necklaces?

Oh, wait. 

Sigh. Denim is forever, we suppose. 

Love in the age of Instagram content.
  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.