Ginny Fuchs | Tokyo 2020 Olympic Profile

Team USA boxer Ginny Fuchs shares her experience with OCD and how she and her team have managed it to allow her to become the best boxer she can be.

Video transcript


GINNY FUCHS: I'm Ginny Fuchs. I'm the number one 51 kilos, which is 112 pounds, on the USA Boxing Team. I've been number one since 2016. I almost made the 2016 team, and decided to go for another round to Tokyo. I've struggled with OCD almost all my life. I was diagnosed in eighth grade, and the past four years has actually been the worst it's ever been. And I have a great support group that has helped me over the years to, you know, stay strong, and stay focused, and, you know, overcome my OCD battles every day.

I know they're are still going to be some, you know, stipulations and restrictions, but, like, Zoom calls like this, I do, like, twice a week with my therapist at home. We've got my sports psychiatrist on the team that's always calling me and asking. Our head coach is always checking on me. So I have a lot of people, you know, always checking in with me, making sure I'm OK, and that's been a huge help just to keep me in this momentum and focused, and it's going to be like that throughout the Games. We'll find a way. Thank God for Zoom.