Giovanna Fletcher admits Tom's tours made dating tough

Giovanna Fletcher admits she and Tom Fletcher found it tough to date when he was busy touring with his band McFly.

The 35-year-old author - who tied the knot with the musician in 2012 - admits the pair struggled to spend any quality time together at the height of his pop career and she often felt under pressure to make the most of the limited hours they had with one another.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Giovanna said: "I can remember before the kids, when we were just dating, we were really overwhelmed because we'd have one day off and that would be your one day to be together."

Now, the couple are happily married and have three sons - Buzz, five, Buddy, three, and 17-month-old Max - but having a young family means that there will be a lot to juggle when Tom heads back off on tour with his McFly bandmates in April.

But Giovanna knows they'll be able to make things work and the boys are excited to have a dad who is a pop star.

She said: "We're already juggling quite a lot anyway with all the different things we've got going on. It just feels like an extra juggle. The kids are in a good routine, I'm sure it will make juggling 10 times harder but we'll get through it.

"It's amazing that McFly are off on tour and I can't wait. The boys are so excited about it, they went to The O2 gig and they loved seeing their dad up there. It'll definitely be fun."

The busy parents have even found the time to join forces and work on a number of projects together, including their novel trilogy 'Eve of Man'.

Talking about their upcoming projects together, Giovanna explained: "We've got the second 'Eve of Man' coming out in May and then we'll sit down and write the third one this year. Then there's another project that we've been playing around with at the moment but nothing official, we'll share more of that at some point.

"We like working together, it's good fun. Getting to be creative together and just sitting down and having a laugh, and dreaming up ideas."

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