Girl's epic charcoal face mask fail

Sarah Carty

Charcoal face masks are so hot right now.

Everyone who’s anyone in the online beauty world is trying them out on their blogs and vlogs and we’re not going to lie, they look pretty impressive.

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However one woman decided to try a full-face charcoal mask for herself and it didn’t exactly go to plan.

This woman tried a charcoal face mask. Photo: Jukin Media

However it didn't go to plan with the woman saying it "hurt like hell". Photo: Jukin Media

The woman’s face mask fail began while she on Skype to her sister and applied the charcoal to her face.

But when she began to realise that something wasn’t right, she turned the camera on herself and recorded the whole thing.

The mask was meant to be left on for 30 minutes and then slowly removed however the woman in the video couldn’t even wait the recommended amount of time before she felt the need to whip it off.

She realised that her face was beginning to feel irritated and when she started ripping it off, she noticed red, blotchy patches on her skin.

The woman said she had seen others trying the face masks and thought it would be fine. Photo: Jukin Media

When she ripped it off her skin was red and blotchy underneath. Photo: Jukin Media

“There’s all these videos online of all these women doing it and they just like put it on and then there’s a little time lapse of them and they just peel it off and that’s total craaaap because this s**t hurts so bad,� she says in the above video.

“It’s literally ripping every tiny hair from my face.

The woman went on to claim that it was her duty for real women to now that the charcoal face masks are actually painful and not the walk in the park like you see online.

Her son looked red after the mask came off. Photo: Jukin Media

“If I don’t look good after this I’ll be a very angry bird,� she said.

“OMG my skin is angry. Look how angry that it. This is why you don’t do this on a night you have to be anywhere.�

Finally she managed to get the whole mask off and while she did see some roots left on the sheet, she said it hurt way too much.

“How could I believe all the other beautiful girls that do this?, she said.

“It’s so angry and red. That’s not happy skin.�

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