Gold Coast mates foil robbery, win internet fame and a free burger

Eammon Atkinson and Nicholas McCallum

FIRST ON 7: Two mates who thwarted a robbery while on their way home have become unlikely Aussie heroes and won the internet all in a single weekend.

James Ross-Munroe and Kane Wiblen had a few beers under their belts and were heading home when one of their pluggers broke.

Mr Wilblen was recording on his phone when the pair spotted some miscreants up to no good – robbing a nearby Oporto's restaurant.

Exclusive CCTV footage also shows the whole thing play out.

Kane Wiblen kept his phone recording while they confronted the thieves. Source: 7 News

They confronted the thieves, with the camera on the phone rolling.

"I thought this is a good opportunity. I had my phone still out. I thought oh I'm going to make a nice video of this," Mr Wilblen told 7 News.

Soon after he posted the footage online it went viral, spreading worldwide and notching up millions of views.

"People from overseas, all different countries have been sending me nice messages saying good on youse," he said.

His father, who is a policeman, is glad everything turned out the way it did.

James Ross-Munroe manged to take the keys from the stolen car. Source: 7 News

"He thinks it's funny. He's very proud. He's been calling up everyone telling everyone about it," Mr Wilblen said.

Even the Oporto's were happy with their effort, giving Mr Wiblen a Bondi chili burger as a reward.

A Bondi chili chicken burger - not a bad reward. Source: 7 News