Why the golf world is going nuts over this photo

The PGA Tour has introduced a new rule allowing players to wear shorts during pro-ams and practice rounds.

And the new rule, announced on Monday, has already had some bizarre results.

As a result, Phil Mickelson’s calves are trending on social media.

Thanks to the PGA Tour allowing shorts in the lead up to this week’s WGC-Mexico Championship, everyone has bared witness to the surprising size of the calves on ‘Lefty’.

The American great tweeted a photo of himself practicing in shorts, and the golf world immediately went wild.

The internet is buzzing about Phil’s bulky legs. Here are some of the hilarious takes:

Not to mention the reaction that shorts are actually allowed now.

About time

The move comes after Aussie great Karrie Webb said “intimidating” club rules risk the future of the sport.

Webb still remembers, as a teenager, having to pick at the hem to lengthen her golf shorts to comply with one of many stickling rules at golf clubs.

“It can be a very intimidating place for young boys and girls,” Webb told reporters last week in Adelaide.

“They have got club rules – tuck your shirt in, take your hat off in the clubhouse, that sort of stuff.

Jimmy Walker sporting shorts during a practice round. (Photo by Warren Little/Getty Images)

“I think we have to soften a little bit in golf to encourage kids to play … golf needs to get out of these traditions.

“I grew up in north Queensland so I didn’t see a lot of that until I started travelling away and playing in the bigger cities.

“(I) had to unpick the length of my hems so my shorts were long enough one day … all those things need to go out the window and we need to modernise.”

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