Gone Fly-Fishin'! HuffPost’s Listen To America Tour Stops In Livingston

The sixth week of HuffPost’s Listen To America road trip took us to Livingston, Montana.

Just north of Yellowstone National Park, right on the Yellowstone River, you’ll find the cozy city of Livingston. The hometown of actors Peter Fonda and Margot Kidder is also a hot spot for fly fishermen and home of the International Fly Fishing Federation’s museum. 

HuffPost spent some time at Livingston Depot Center, a restored rail station built in 1902, and Elk River Books. We spoke to locals about what life is like in the city and held a panel to discuss why it’s so difficult for people in the rest of the country to really understand the state’s inhabitants. Here’s what our time there looked like:

The HuffPost bus stops in Livingston, Montana, for the "Listen To America" tour on Oct. 16, 2017.
Pedestrians visit the HuffPost bus.
A table with postcards sits at the HuffPost video activation site.
Lei-Anna Bertelsen, Troy Bertelsen and Perry Hofferber chat near the HuffPost tents.
Photographer Allen Russell talks with HuffPost staff before his interview. 
HuffPost's video activation site was the Livingston Depot Center building.
Melissa Nootz plays a game of cornhole with her daughters Esmé and Iris.
Rebecca Halperin steps into the bus, whose surface reflects the Livingston Depot Center.
HuffPost staffer Samantha Tomaszewski works.
Helen Mulroney and Jo Anne Troxel check out a flyer.
Hayley Miller tries to recruit people to be interviewed.
Patricia Grabow is interviewed.
A view of the Murray Hotel from the Livingston Depot Center.
Moderator Greg Veis (far right) sits with panelists Walter Kirn, Seabring Davis and Jamie Harrison Potenberg during the "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" event at Elk River Books.
Walter Kirn speaks during the "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" event.
The audience fills the event space at Elk River Books to hear the "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" discussion.
Jamie Harrison Potenberg speaks during the event. 
Ted Madden ask questions of the panelists during the Q&A part of the forum.
Seabring Davis speaks during the "Please Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" discussion.
Moderator Greg Veis addresses the crowd.
A mural depicts life in Livingston, which lies just north of Yellowstone National Park.
The HuffPost tour bus crosses the Yellowstone River.

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