Good Trouble star Sherry Cola drunkenly messaged Jennifer Lopez

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Sherry Cola drunkenly messaged Jennifer Lopez.
The 32-year-old actress stars as apartment manager Alice Kwan in drama series 'Good Trouble' - which is produced by Jennifer Lopez - and admitted that she had "drunkenly" messaged the pop star, 52, to show her "admiration" for her.
She said: "I have no shame in terms of sliding in DMs and showing love for celebrities. I may have sent some drunk DMs to Jennifer Lopez showing my respect and admiration."
The former 'Claws' star - whose real name is Sherriña Colada - went on to admit that while she is still waiting for a reply from the 'Jenny from the Block' hitmaker, she has "technically" been acknowledged from her in the past in the form of a story shoutout on Instagram.
Speaking on E!'s 'Down in the DMs', she added: "I'm still waiting on that reply but J.Lo has technically posted me on her Story! She's an [executive producer] of 'Good Trouble'. She's posted trailers [with] me as the cover photo. I literally have a screenshot of me, spread-eagle, on a chair on J.Lo's Story. I've peaked. So it's okay that [she] didn't reply to my DM!"
Sherry then went on to reveal that she has also direct messaged rap superstar Drake, 35, but is also yet to receive a reply from him.
She added: "I've absolutely slid into Drake's DMs saying, ‘you up?' He's still sleeping, I guess. A lot of heart eye emojis have gone unseen. Still, a girl can dream. Maybe [Jennifer] will see this!"

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