Impalement of goose with pole was 'horrendous'

A woman who reported an attack on a wild goose which left it seriously injured after being impaled with a pole in Craigavon, County Armagh, has described it as "horrendous".

Police received a report of youths attacking the bird shortly before 16:00 BST on Friday, near the Lakelands area.

Kylie Foster-Moreira said she witnessed the incident from the balcony of her home, in the company of her young daughter.

She said it was "horrible to see" and "pure evil".

Lake with fence in foreground
The incident took place in the Lakelands area of Craigavon on Friday afternoon [BBC]

Ms Foster-Moreira said she telephoned the USPCA about the "awful" incident, which left her in "shock".

“I heard a commotion and that prompted me to look up," she told BBC News NI.

“There were two lads by the lake and the geese were at their feet.

“I saw one of the lads with a blue rope and he had it in a loop.

“He looked like he would swing the rope.

“The second lad then picked up a pole he was holding - he held it like a spear.

“They went down towards one of the geese with the pole. One of the geese was then impaled with the pole - I didn’t know that at the time as I was watching from the back.

“I shouted 'what are you doing?' And they then ran off towards the leisure centre, the South Lakes.

'Flapping and crying'

“I then ran to the lake and the goose was a metre into the water and was flapping with a pole attached to its back."

Ms Foster-Moreira said that as she called the USPCA the "goose was still flapping and crying".

“The goose then disappeared," she added.

“It is awful. I was in shock - I am a huge animal lover.

“It was horrible to see."

The Save Craigavon City and Lakes group had said there were reports the animal was "impaled with some kind of pole".

It said two boys "ran off when interrupted by a resident". Police confirmed a pole had been used in the attack.

Nora Smith
Nora Smith of the USPCA described the attack as "senseless, needless and disgusting" [BBC]

USPCA chief executive Nora Smith said two youths were involved in the incident.

She described it as a “senseless, needless, disgusting attack” on a protected species.

Those involved left the bird "in a huge amount of distress and pain, unfortunately,” Ms Smith told BBC News NI.

“I am absolutely disgusted," she added.

“What’s really important now is that the individuals who were responsible for this attack are brought to justice.

“This is a crime, this can come with a hefty custodial sentence and a substantial fine as well, so it is really important that these individuals are held to account.”

The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) have appealed for information and CCTV footage.