GoT's Euron actor plays down Ramsay comparisons

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Warning: this article contains spoilers from Game of Thrones' season seven opener 'Dragonstone'.

Game of Thrones' humungous slate of villains are certainly complicated. Heck, it's why we love someone like Cersei Lannister so much.

However, over the show's six seasons so far, two particular characters have bucked that trend to become genuinely loathable – King Joffrey Baratheon and Ramsay Bolton.

While we all gave the biggest cheers of our lives when they both met much-deserved gruesome ends, ever since Ramsay's death last season there has been a hole in our Thrones lives.

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After all, who would become the show's latest unredeemable, psychopathic and thoroughly loathable villain?

Well, most have their money on new Iron Islands king Euron Greyjoy ever since he murdered his brother for power last season and took the throne from deserving niece Yara.

Last night he returned to the show in the season seven opener 'Dragonstone' as he attempted to make an alliance with Cersei, and was so stained with betrayal that even she seemed somewhat uneasy.

However, Euron actor Pilou Asbæk has dashed hopes of his character becoming a Ramsay-type figure, suggesting that he is just not quite that evil.

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"Ramsay was the new Joffrey," he told Entertainment Weekly. "I think Ramsay was a great character and played by a great actor [Iwan Rheon].

"But for me, Ramsay is 100 percent evil. I think Euron is not, which makes things a bit more conflicted within him. I'm more like a hooligan."

Pilou added of his role in season seven: "Every scene he's a new guy. The guy you met on the bridge is not the guy at the Kingsmoot, and is not the guy you see with Cersei and is not the guy you see on the ship. He's different with different people.

"This season he's more charming. He's much more f**king enjoying himself. He's such a f**king idiot douchebag, an impolite selfish child."

Game of Thrones season seven kicked off last night with a shocker, and along the way featured an Ed Sheeran cameo and a Harry Potter reference.

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Game of Thrones airs on HBO in the US and on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in the UK. Watch a teaser clip for season 7 episode 2 'Stormborn' right here:

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