This Young Woman's Resemblance To Her Famous Grandmother Is Uncanny

Grace Kelly’s beauty lives on. 

Camille Gottlieb, the 19-year-old granddaughter of the late princess of Monaco, bears a rather striking resemblance to her. The likeness has never been more obvious than in a recent Instagram, in which Gottlieb posed in a pouty, cigarette-in-mouth manner that looks like Kelly in theAlfred Hitchcockfilm“Rear Window.” 

Here it is in action:

On the set of "Rear Window."

Gottlieb is the youngest child of Kelly’s second daughter, Monaco’s Princess Stéphanie. At the time of Gottlieb’s birth, her father’s name wasnot put on the birth certificate. But she goes by the last name of former palace guard Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, with whom Princess Stéphanie had a relationship. 

A glance at Gottlieb’s Instagram feed proves the similarities between her and her grandmother go far beyond one photo. She has Kelly’s striking blue eyes, similarly colored hair, the arched brows and a face that’s clearly comfortable in photos. 


Those brows. 

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