Graham Nash on making peace with David Crosby: 'We were getting there - and then he was gone!'

Graham Nash had started to make peace with David Crosby before his death.
The 81-year-old musician endured a fractious relationship with Crosby, Stills and Nash co-star David - who died in January at the age of 81 - and has admitted that he was "insanely saddened" by his passing because he had wanted to apologise and make amends with him.
He told The i newspaper: "Trying to deal with David wasn’t easy. I tried not doing any drugs. That didn’t work. I tried doing as many drugs as he did. That didn’t work either. His passing is insanely sad for me. And quite honestly, I’ll miss David for the rest of my life.” At the end there, we were getting together. We were emailing each other and voicemailing each other. I need to apologise for shooting off my mouth. We set up a call where we could see each other’s faces. I waited and waited, and he never called. And then he was gone."
The 'Just a Song Before I Go' crooner was then asked what he wanted to say to his late bandmate had he had the chance to do so and revealed that he just wanted to remind them of the "beautiful music" they made together but insisted that he did not "regret" anything that had gone on in the past.
He added: "That we made a lot of beautiful music. We had a lot of great times. Why don’t we get back to that? I don’t regret anything, actually. David and I, our animosity towards each other was very genuine. There are reasons that I’ll never tell. But he is – sorry, he was – one of the great musicians in the world. Completely unique. I have to admit that.”