Graham Nash won't reconcile with kids as he 'can’t live in pain'

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Graham Nash refuses to mend a long-running rift with his kids because he "can't live in pain".
The 80-year-old musician admitted he fell out with his sons Jackson and Will and daughter Nile after he left their mother, Susan Sennett in 2016 to embark on a romance with artist Amy Grantham and they still "don't want" him to be a part of their lives.
Graham - who married Amy in 2019 - told The Guardian newspaper: "They didn’t realise that I had divorced their mother, not them. So they don’t want me in their lives ...
"My daughter is a little friendlier than my boys."
When asked if he struggles to be apart from his kids, he replied: "It’s terrible. So I’m doing remarkably well considering everything."
The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young, star insisted he didn't know if it was the fact that he married a younger woman that upset his kids, but he has no plans to reconcile with them because it is too "painful" to try.
Graham said: "I don’t know (why they are so angry). People have to live their lives. People become who they are, and I realise my kids are not the people I thought they were, that my fatherly eyes glossed over their shortcomings ...
"Actually I don’t (want a reconciliation). And that might seem awfully strange as a father, but it’s too painful.
"I can’t live my life in pain. If they don’t want me in their lives, that’s their choice. I don’t agree with it, but I will honour their choice."
Graham was married to his first wife, Rose Eccles from 1964 until 1966 and after they split, he went on to start a family with Susan, who he was married to for 36 years before they split.

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