Grayson Chrisley rushed to hospital after car crash

Grayson Chrisley has reportedly been rushed to hospital after being involved in a car crash.
The 16-year-old reality star - who is known for starring alongside his parents Todd and Julie Chrisley on the real estate reality show 'Chrisley Knows Best' - is said to have totalled his car on Saturday (19.11.22) and has suffered a "potential head injury."
Police told TMZ: "Grayson was driving his Ford F-150 on I-65 in Nashville last Saturday around 5:30 PM when he drove into the back of a Dodge pickup truck that was stopped in heavy standstill traffic. He could not recall anything about the accident, possibly due to a potential head injury. He was rushed by ambulance to a hospital. The driver of the truck Grayson rear-ended suffered injuries as well, but refused medical attention."
Photos obtained by the outlet show that the windscreen has been smashed, while the bonnet has been cracked and the bumper appears mangled.
News of the crash comes just months after Todd and Julie were found guilty of 12 counts of tax evasion, bank and wire fraud, and conspiracy, with the couple - who are facing up to 22 years behind bars - set to be sentenced in a hearing that begins on Monday (21.11.22) and could last until Tuesday.
Prosecutors said: "The Chrisleys have built an empire based on the lie that their wealth came from dedication and hard work. The jury’s unanimous verdict sets the record straight: Todd and Julie Chrisley are career swindlers who have made a living by jumping from one fraud scheme to another, lying to banks, stiffing vendors, and evading taxes at every corner."