Greg Gutfeld: 'Zero Evidence Doesn't Matter' In Biden Impeachment Inquiry

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld launched a bratty defense of Republicans announcing an impeachment inquiry of President Joe Biden on Tuesday, suggesting a lack of proof was not the issue. (Watch the video below.)

“You know what they say, payback is a bitch and this payback is going to be one big Joy Behar,” Gutfeld said in a dig at the “View” host, one of his favorite targets.

“Zero evidence doesn’t matter,” Gutfeld railed on “The Five” talk show. “Because the first Trump impeachment there was more evidence for Bigfoot, and the media gobbled it up like a bowl of Xanax and spaghetti.”

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) announced the inquiry on Tuesday, saying allegations of corruption and obstruction in the Biden family demand deeper review. However, the GOP has yet to present solid proof linking the president to alleged influence-peddling or any other criminal wrongdoing in his son Hunter Biden’s business dealings.

Gutfeld said he was against impeachment because he claimed the first impeachment of former President Donald Trump delayed the nation’s COVID-19 response. He blamed Democrats, who would impeach Trump a second time, and mainstream media for the House’s action.

Gutfeld ranted that Biden was guilty of the accusations Democrats have made against Trump, including corruption and lying.

“So if anybody deserves this, it’s him,” Gutfeld said of Biden. “In prison I hope he dyes ... his hair so he looks better.”

H/T Media Matters