Greyhound bus crash survivor reveals 'unbelievable' twist days after deadly collision

The woman has just returned home to the US but is still receiving messages from those in Australia asking about passengers' final moment before the crash.

The Greyhound bus smashed and badly damaged as a passenger stands facing it (left) and a picture of Piezy Marie smiling at the camera (right).
Victims' relatives from the Greyhound bus crash in Queensland have reached out to Farah Priela who survived the collision. Source: Facebook/Supplied

A survivor of the Greyhound bus crash has revealed to Yahoo News she has received heartbreaking messages from the relatives of victims who died in Sunday's tragedy, with one woman losing her life after sitting in the seat the survivor was originally assigned.

US woman Farah Priela didn't sit on her ticketed seat on the bus as it transported 33 passengers from Airlie Beach to Cairns, and is haunted by the lasting impacts that last-minute decision has had for herself, and for the woman who ended up sitting in her empty seat.

Relatives have since reached out to Priela hoping for clarity, asking about the victims' final moments before the bus collided with a 4WD towing a caravan on the Bruce Highway near Gumlu, Queensland.

"[I've been] receiving many emails about passengers they knew, [it's been] unbelievable," Priela told Yahoo News on Friday. "Their messages were very kind and delicate and emphatic. I wish I had information to provide specific answers to ease their pain."

Priela, who has just returned home to San Francisco on Friday after her Australian travels, said she's also received messages from emergency responders, as well as current and retired Greyhound drivers.

"I've received so many messages... people I don't know," she said.

The couple who were travelling in the 4WD was miraculously unharmed, however, they "lost" their caravan as it was "destroyed" in the collision.

Piezy Marie smiling on holiday (left) and the caravan by the side of the road (right).
Priela claims the couple have 'lost' their caravan after the collision. Source: Supplied

"The police mentioned that it was their home. I am so sorry for them," she said.

"I extend my heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families who lost their loved ones in that tragic crash. My gratitude to the people of Queensland," she said. Three women lost their lives in the crash, with two men still in critical condition in hospital.

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