Grimes is craving milk

Grimes' main pregnancy craving is milk.

The 31-year-old singer is currently expecting her first child with her boyfriend Elon Musk, and has said the number one thing she keeps craving is a simple "glass of milk".

She said: "Right now I'm not drinking at all, but I love dark beer. I love a thick beer. I also really love kombucha, which I recently discovered doesn't actually contain anything good for you.

"I really like ... right now, I'm drinking a lot of kaffir. Actually lately the one pregnancy craving I have is just a glass of milk. Which is so weird because I haven't had a glass of milk in probably 20 years, but lately I've just been having a glass of milk."

And although Grimes tries to follow a vegan diet, she admits it is cow's milk she has a craving for, as she confesses she's given up her diet whilst she's pregnant.

She added: "Just cow's milk. It's probably become clear I'm not vegan during this time. This trying time."

The 'Delete Forever' singer - whose real name is Claire Boucher - never used to eat breakfast before she was pregnant, but now indulges in her own creation called "butter toast", in which she melts butter in a pan and soaks a slice of toast in the melted liquid.

She explained: "[I make] this thing called butter toast, which is where I melt a stick of butter on a plate, and then I put toast, and then turn the toast over so the toast is completely saturated in butter. Then, I put a little bit of jam on it and eat that. It's actually incredible."

Grimes has also been eating foods she normally doesn't enjoy, because she knows its good for her baby.

The singer doesn't like fruit or vegetables, but has been adding bananas and raspberries to her cereal to boost her intake of healthy foods.

Explaining her dislike for vegetables in a video for Harper's Bazaar, she said: "I actually dislike vegetables pointedly. But they're important to eat. It's just vile. Like, broccoli? Like, what the f**k? It's actually disgusting, I don't know how anyone eats it."