Grimes: Healthy living is fake news

Grimes thinks healthy living is "fake news".

The 31-year-old musician is pregnant with her first child with technology entrepreneur Elon Musk - but traditional healthy living methods haven't been remotely beneficial to her over recent weeks, with Grimes claiming that sobriety and eating vegetables has actually made her "feel worse".

She shared: "I'm healthy right now cause I'm pregnant, here's what I've learned: sleeping properly, being sober and eating loads of vegetables makes no difference in your life and I don't feel any better, in fact, I feel worse. And fitness, being healthy, I think it's fake news.

"This is the healthiest I've ever been, [and I'm] on the treadmill, putting spinach in my mouth and I'm like, 'bleh'."

Grimes' new song 'Delete Forever' touches on Opioid abuse, and the singer has revealed she was prompted to write the track by the death of Lil Peep.

The rap star died in November 2017, aged 21, and she thinks it subsequently became an issue she could no longer ignore in her music.

She told War Nymph Radio on Apple Music: "I was just real shook, because do you remember, like, Lil' Peep died, you know, from an Opioid-related death and I've had a lot of really good friends, actually, one of my best friends from high school died from an Opioid-related thing when we were 18 or something, and so I was just super, super triggered.

"I've always been not writing a song about that because I felt it exploited it. Because you know you see artists come out and they're like, 'I have four types of depression', and all this stuff, and everyone's always saying they have all their life problems ... but I was just sorta like, 'Uh, I just can't, like, write about, like, my friend's death!'

"But Lil' Peep dying just kinda pushed me over the edge. Because I was like, 'Man, this is serious, this is a super-mainstream thing at this point. That people just f***ing die from.'"