Grocery items Aussie shoppers are ditching

Aussies are ditching these grocery staples to save money.

Grocery savings. Woolworths supermarket. Meat in supermarket.
Aussies are avoiding buying meat as the cost of living soars. (Source: Getty)

Meat, chocolates and lollies are off the menu, as Aussies look for ways to save at the supermarket.

A new survey from Compare the Market found more than 60 per cent of Aussie adults were ditching meat in a bid to save money, while 58 per cent were avoiding buying chocolates, lollies and other confectionery items.

Next on the chopping block were savoury snacks (44 per cent), soft drinks (43 per cent) and cleaning products (31 per cent). Worryingly, a quarter of the 1,003 Aussies surveyed were also cutting back on fruit and vegetables.

Almost half of those surveyed said they had been forced to cut back on their grocery spend to afford their bills in the past three months.

Compare the Market’s Philip Portman said the candle was being “burned at both ends” with the cost of groceries, gas and electricity on the rise, along with increased mortgage repayments and rent hikes.

“While it’s probably good for our health to cut back on chips and soft drink, we don’t want to see Aussies giving up the little luxuries or treats they enjoy to pay the bills,” Portman said.

It was also worrying that Aussies were cutting back on “vital nutrients” like vegetables and fruit to save cash, Portman said.

“My advice to that 25 per cent would be to buy frozen fruit and veggies because it can often be cheaper,” he said.

“Maybe spend a bit more time looking at the discounts and deals in the supermarket catalogue before you head into the shops. The savings are there if you compare.”

6 tips to save on groceries

Portman shared these tips for Aussies looking to save at the checkout:

  1. Make a list and stick to it.

  2. Shop around and check for discounts before you head to the shops. It could also be worth shopping at multiple stores to maximise your savings.

  3. Avoid aisle deals and question whether you really need them. If you are buying something you don’t need, you’re not saving money.

  4. Eye-level is buy-level. Look at lower and higher shelves for the same products and see if they are cheaper.

  5. Use reward cards effectively. If you use Flybuys or Everyday Rewards cards, make sure you ‘boost’ within the apps to maximise your points.

  6. Shop alone if you can. That way you may be less likely to buy stuff that’s not on your list.

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