Guests left horrified after wedding meal compared to Fyre Festival

Holly Hales
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Wedding guests were served up brisket, potatoes and beans at their friends' high-brow big day. Photo: Reddit

Wedding guests have been forced to feed on beans, bread and potatoes after their friends’ luxury big day was compared to the ill-fated Fyre Festival.

The uproar was first sparked on a Reddit thread where the nuptials’ photographer pointed out how guests’ food was out of line with the thousands each paid to attend the destination wedding.

Among the casual grub on offer was brisket, mashed potatoes and baked beans.

Although many agreed the combination was delicious, more agreed it was not appropriate for a high-brow occasion which guests, and the couple, had forked out to make happen.

“If you are having a simple backyard wedding and this is what you serve, I'd be ok with that,” explained one commenter, “If I'm paying $2.5k a person to be there, this is not ok.”

“If you can afford a destination wedding where everybody has to pay thousands of dollars to be present, you sure as hell better be feeding them something fancier than this,” added another.

Bad comparisons

Others went as far to compare the stripped-back reception feed to Fyre Festival—the fraudulent luxury music event which made headlines last year.

“This is the Fyre Festival of weddings,” wrote one disgruntled commenter before joking that the ‘meal looks fyre’.

The comparison led to the photo’s original poster to explain just how taboo the guests’ food offering could be considered by some.

“The bride and groom and bridal party got a different real wedding meal than the rest of the guests,” they revealed.

“Like proper chicken and salad or whatever, and then they served the rest of their peasant guests this monstrosity.”

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