Gugu Mbatha-Raw doesn't crave attention

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Gugu Mbatha-Raw has never been motivated by fame.
The 38-year-old star thinks it's wrong to suggest that actors and actresses are simply driven by a need for attention, and she's instead insisted that her career is the best way to "express" herself.
She shared: "I think it’s a misconception that people do it because they want attention. I always did it to express myself.
"I had all this energy and it was a place to put it, and it was fun. I’m sure part of me enjoyed the attention but that wasn’t really my motivation.
"It was more how it made me feel."
Although Gugu thought about the TV and film industries during her younger years, her efforts were always focused on musicals and theatre.
The 'Morning Show' star told the Guardian newspaper: "There’s a magic to it: you get to dress up, express yourself and hang out with fun people, then people clap at the end.
"Hopefully. It’s just a joyful place to be."
Meanwhile, Gugu recently revealed that she wants to "find more balance" in her life.
The ‘Loki’ actress is looking forward to having some time off to “replenish” and vowed to do more to ensure she enjoys her ​downtime in the future.
Guguu - who studied at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, before appearing in British TV and stage shows - said: "My ambition right now? Honestly, just to replenish.
"This year has been amazing but I’ve worked back to back and I’ve learned that you can’t constantly go through life at 100 miles an hour. You have to protect your downtime. My ambition now is really to find more balance, so that I have something left to give, you know?"

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