Haitian bus passengers shot to death: 'They were heading home from work or school'

At least four passengers were killed and many more injured when a bus carrying people home from work and school came under a volley of gunfire in Port-au-Prince, the Haitian capital, on May 7. The shooters remain unknown, though there is some indication that the gunfire came from an armored police vehicle. This tragedy is reflective of the level of insecurity in the Haitian capital, where simply getting on a bus to go to work or school can mean risking your life.

Several grisly videos showing the aftermath of an attack on a bus in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on May 7 have been circulating on social media. Due to the graphic nature of these videos, our team decided to only include a number of screengrabs. In these images, you see four people who seem to have been killed by the gunfire, as well as several people with injuries, including a woman who sustained serious injuries to her left leg. You can see blood on the seats, floor and ceiling of the bus.

'The victims were innocent civilians'

Petrus Lerice is the spokesperson for an organisation called the Association of Haitian Owners and Drivers (APCH). He told our team that the bus left the town centre in Port-au-Prince and was traveling towards Carrefour, a community located to the southwest of the capital, when it came under attack near the Silvio Cator stadium. Lerice said that after the bus came under fire, the driver managed to drive it to the OMEGA police station in Carrefour.

There are a number of indications that the gunfire came from the armored police vehicle, though it is impossible to confirm who was inside of it.

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