Halsey once 'busted into somebody's house'

Halsey once "busted into somebody's house" wanting answers.

The 25-year-old singer penned the track 'Killing Boys' "pseudo based" on a real story, where she got into someone's house to make her demands.

She said: "'Killing Boys' is this like, I mean it's manic, it is sitting in your house and being like, 'I'm so mad at my ex boyfriend, I want to kill him.' Obviously, I'm not really thinking that, but it's like being enraged in that way. And sitting down and being in your head and being like, 'I'm going to go to his house, I'm going to break in his house, I'm going to go in his room. I'm going to sit him down and be like listen mother f***er, you're going to talk to me right now. You're going f***ing talk to me right now. And I'll break in. I know the codes, its cool. I'm going to wear a black hoodie. My friend's going to drive.' It's actually pseudo based on a real story of a time that I did bust into somebody's house looking for answers about something."

And Halsey also admitted she "always tries to see the best in people" and believes that is one of her best and worst qualities.

Speaking to Zane Lowe on New Music Daily on Apple Music's Beats 1, she added: "Basically a lot of the songs have this this gulp this, 'Look, I'm trying really hard here.' I definitely have had a lot of experiences that I think probably would have hardened some people or made them really jaded. And one of the probably best and worst qualities about me is that no matter what happens, I always try to see the best in people. And I always go into every situation foolishly expecting that everybody's intentions are as pure or as genuine as my own. And no matter how many times that proves to be untrue or I get fooled, it doesn't stop me from going into the next situation and being like, "New person, new clean slate."