Happy Days star Anson Williams on finding love in his 70s: ‘There is no age limit!’

Anson Williams has insisted that there is “no age limit” on love.
The 73-year-old actor – who is best known for his role as Warren ‘Potsie' Weber on the classic sitcom ‘Happy Days’ – split from Jackie Gerken in 2019 after almost 30 years of marriage but tied the knot with Sharon MaHay, also 73, in May and admitted that they have not been apart since their first date.
He told America’s Closer magazine: “We have not been apart from that day. It’s such a joy when you find someone who sees inside you and loves you so much. Sharon is just amazing. There’s no age limit on being loved. There’s no age limit on living life fully!”
The couple's relationship began after Sharon – who first met Anson when she sold him a house some 13 years ago – had lost her husband of 35 years to a terminal illness and, after getting her adult daughter’s blessing, embarked on an experience that she found “incredibly healing” amid her grief.
She said: “The first few months of the relationship [with Anson] was healing. [My daughter’s blessing] absolutely freed me to take advantage of this, whatever it was. It was like a gift from God that I met him.”
At the time of the nuptials, Anson – who has Olivia and Gabriella Rose, both 20, as well as 15-year-old Stella Rayne with his ex-wife – explained that he wanted to make sure that the big day was “simple” but still a “memorable” affair so they decided to hold the ceremony at his own house.
He told People: “Let's make it a wedding just where it's about togetherness with our friends. It's not over the top, but at the same time, it's memorable and special.
“I will tell people, ‘[Getting married at home] is wonderful. Don't ever do it!’ You have no idea the complexity that happens.”