Harry Judd says he learned ‘life lesson’ about control on Race Across The World

McFly drummer Harry Judd has said that he learned a “life lesson” about control from being on TV series Celebrity Race Across The World.

The BBC programme, which draws to a close on Wednesday, follows famous faces who are joined by a family member as they race at ground level from Marrakech in Morocco to Tromso in Norway.

Judd, 37, has been partnered with his mother Emma for the journey and said the challenge means that they now have a “a slightly deeper connection”.

Celebrity Race Across the World photo call
Harry Judd and his mother Emma (Ian West/PA)

Speaking about what he has learned from the show, Judd said: “To not always control the situation, and let others take the lead. That’s quite an exposing thing to say but it’s true of my character.”

He added: “I was pleased that I let mum take the lead sometimes and I wasn’t too controlling, for me again, that’s a life lesson and a constant personal development.”

He went on: “I love winning. But this time it feels a bit different, because I’m with mum it feels like we’ve already won.

“We’ve had a winning time, so winning the race would kind of top it all off.

“It’s hard to describe but as much as you want to win you also just want to get there and finish the race.”

Judd’s mother Emma revealed that she has been inspired to embark on a solo trip thanks to the show.

“I’m going to India in a few weeks on my own, and its because of this experience”, she said.

“Its made me look outside of the box and know that I’m much more capable than I’ve ever given myself credit for and its given me a jolly good kick up the bottom.”

Also featured on the show is broadcaster Alex Beresford who has embarked on the journey with his father Noel and singer Melanie Blatt, joined by her mother Helene.

The last pair is comprised of British racing driver and pundit Billy Monger and his sister Bonny.

The pairs have embarked on a race spanning 24 countries through the seaside ports and beaches of the Mediterranean, to historic cities, the Alps, the Baltic States, and snowy Scandinavia, without air travel or a phone and with only a limited budget.

Celebrity Race Across the World concludes Wednesday, 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.