Harry Styles: I'd be a virgin without music career

Harry Styles thinks he'd be a "virgin" if he wasn't a musician.

The 26-year-old singer has quipped he wouldn't be a sex symbol if it wasn't for his music career - which began in One Direction in 2010, before going solo in 2016 - as he thinks it's his music that attracts people to him.

When asked what he'd be if he wasn't a musician, he joked: "A virgin".

Harry's new album 'Fine Line' sees the star navigating "having sex and feeling sad", and has said he wrote the tracks during a time of "self-reflection".

Speaking to RADIO.com, he said: "Did I say 'Fine Line' is the sound of a 25 year old navigating having sex and feeling sad? I would probably agree with that. I think I'll look back on the time of making this album as a very fond period of my life. Just because I feel like I learned so much about myself.

"Probably a lot to do with having time to do that, I think. I took a lot longer to make the album. Every album I've made before that was done pretty fast, and this kind of turned into about a year. There was a lot of time sit and think, and a lot of time for self-reflection."

Meanwhile, the 'Adore You' singer recently confessed he originally wanted to pursue a career is physiotherapy, but turned to music when he was told by a careers advisor at school that there were no jobs in the field.

He explained: "I think one of the first things to remember is that there's now so many jobs that didn't used to be jobs and I think so many people just get to do what they love and pursue it - and it's kind of easy for me to say as I get to do it.

"If there's not an obvious career around it, I think you can try and find some way that you can make it a career, I guess.

"Like, I always wanted to be a footballer but I wasn't good enough, so I wanted to be a physio, and then we had a career day at school and I got told there were no jobs in physiotherapy so I became a musician instead!"