Harry Styles is learning Italian

Harry Styles is learning Italian.

The 'Adore You' singer has been self-isolating amid the current coronavirus pandemic, and has said he's been making the most of his time indoors by learning new skills, including how to speak Italian and communicate in sign language.

He told BBC Radio 1Xtra's Residency: "It's a little difficult but it's all right - I'm lucky I'm with friends in our little safe self-isolation pod. It's a very strange time but we're just being careful, listening to music, playing games, doing some face masks - you know, the classic quarantine stuff!

"Now is the perfect time to learn a new skill and try a new hobby or something, right? We have nothing but time. I was learning Italian and doing some sign language classes."

And Harry isn't the only member of One Direction to be making the best of a bad situation, as Niall Horan recently revealed he's been penning new tracks after the quarantine rules made it impossible for him to promote his latest album 'Heartbreak Weather'.

The 'Put A Little Love On Me' singer also admitted he's glad he managed to get back on British soil before US President Donald Trump imposed a ban on travel between the UK and the US, where he was meant to be promoting his record.

He said: "I'm in London, I was meant to be in the States this week and heading onto Canada for promotion for my album.

"But with everything being cancelled and when Trump said about the travel ban between Europe and America, I was thinking to myself, 'It's too good to be true that the UK is the only country you can fly in and out of.'

"So I was like, 'I'm getting myself out of here before it does go into lockdown'. So I was right, and now it's completely banned."

On what he's been doing at his pad, he said: "I'm happy to be back in the living room, I've been writing tunes, I've been watching TV, I've been doing stuff like this (interviews), I've been having a great time."

Meanwhile, bandmate Louis Tomlinson has also been impacted by the virus, as he's been forced to postpone his tour dates in the UK and Europe.