Harry Styles only took one naked snap for Fine Line sleeve

Harry Styles only took a single naked photo for his album 'Fine Line'.

The former One Direction star stripped bare and posed next to a giant heart for the sleeve of his second solo album - which was released in December - and he has revealed that it took just one shot to get the nude snap he desired.

Speaking on Australia's 'The Sunday Project', he said: "We just took the one! Would you believe it.

"There was just one and that was it. The lone nude."

The 26-year-old heartthrob also discussed his passion for fashion and how much "fun" he had curating colourful looks for his record.

He said: "Clothes and fashion I have always found kind of fun. And something that you have fun with.

"And it's been fun getting to play with that during this album."

The 'Watermelon Sugar' singer recently insisted he isn't "sending a message" with his fashion choices.

The 'Fine Line' hitmaker explained that he is not trying to make a point with his clothing or painted nails and instead is just being "creative" and "expressing himself" and is trying to encourage his fans to do the same.

He said: "For me, it's not like doing it to send a message. Part of being on the last tour, when people came to watch the show, I realised, 'Oh, these people just want to see me be myself, and I'm telling them to be themselves.'

"And I just didn't want to be a hypocrite. I do it when I'm not working, so to me it doesn't feel like it's, 'Oh, I'm sending a message with my nail polish.'

"I just put a lot less weight behind it, I think.

"And sometimes I forget, because I'll go somewhere and someone will be like, 'Have you got nail polish on?'

"I'm lucky that I work in an industry that allows you to be creative and express yourself, and I'd encourage it to anybody."

It was previously revealed Harry stores his couture outfits in a frozen vault.

His designer friend Harris Reed, who often creates outfits for the star, said: "I can't say where it is located, but everything goes to an archive. It's basically like a giant refrigerator - a frozen vault - somewhere in London where I am not going to disclose. But the clothes all have 24 hours surveillance, which you can look at via an iPad, specifically done for his outfits, and they have all been cryogenically frozen in time to preserve them. That's also what is more surreal for me. After his first solo tour that I produced 14-15 looks for - he wore about six or seven - I was wondering where the others were and he was like, 'Don't worry, they are all under surveillance.'"