Harry Styles wanted to become a physiotherapist

Harry Styles became a musician because he was told there were "no jobs in physiotherapy".

The 26-year-old singer has become one of the world's most recognisable pop stars over the last decade - but Harry has now admitted his life could easily have taken another direction.

Harry - who first found fame as part of One Direction - told BBC Radio 2: "I think one of the first things to remember is that there's now so many jobs that didn't used to be jobs and I think so many people just get to do what they love and pursue it - and it's kind of easy for me to say as I get to do it.

"If there's not an obvious career around it, I think you can try and find some way that you can make it a career, I guess.

"Like, I always wanted to be a footballer but I wasn't good enough, so I wanted to be a physio, and then we had a career day at school and I got told there were no jobs in physiotherapy so I became a musician instead!"

Meanwhile, Niall Horan recently claimed that he and Harry never struggled in One Direction.

Zayn Malik - who quit One Direction in 2015 - and Liam Payne have previously spoken about finding life in the band tough, but Niall insisted he and Harry are similar "happy, bubbly characters".

Niall said: "Some people handle things differently. Me and Harry had a great time in the band but I've heard some of the boys saying they've struggled with it mentally but that's life. I've always been a happy-go-lucky type person.

"The phrase 'happy to be anywhere' is me. Harry's the same, bubbly character."