Harvey Weinstein juror in hiding

A juror who found Harvey Weinstein guilty of various sex crimes has gone into hiding after receiving death threats.

The unnamed woman gave an interview to 'Inside Edition' earlier this week about her role in the high-profile case - which saw the movie mogul convicted of of third-degree rape and a first-degree criminal sex act but acquitted of three other charges, including the most serious, predatory sexual assault - and since then she has deactivated all her social media accounts and fled her apartment in Harlem after being branded a "snitch".

Her sister told the New York Post newspaper: "She started getting threats on social media and through e-mails [saying] that she is a snitch and how could she do that. She is scared.

"She deactivated her social media and left three days ago. She thought if she spoke once, everyone would leave her alone."

The woman - who is known only as Juror No. 2 -has been refusing calls from everyone in recent days, even her own boyfriend, while she waits for the reaction to the verdict to "calm down", her sister said.

The sibling couldn't say what motivated the trolls or what was contained in the threats apart from calling the woman a "snitch".

Earlier this week, the juror appeared on 'Inside Edition' but without using her name and admitted she hopes the verdict gives closure to the victims.

She said: "Every last woman that took the stand, I wish them the best. I hope this is now a chapter that they can close and move forward with their lives now."

And she also spoke of how "nervous" all the jurors were.

She said: "Tensions were very high. Everyone was nervous. All I can say is that the temperature in the room was very high...

"[When we reached the verdict] I felt like my heart was literally going to pop out of my chest. It was just, I wouldn't say nerve-wracking, but it was just, 'this is it, this is the moment.' "

Weinstein is due to be sentenced next month.