The heart-warming reason behind Sam and Snez’s baby name

Bianca Soldani

Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski have welcomed Australia’s first Bachelor baby in precious little girl Willow Wendy Wood.

And after admitting he hasn’t stopped ‘’sobbing’ since she came into the world on Sunday, personal trainer Sam has revealed why the couple opted for three ‘W’s in their newborn’s name.

Appearing on KISSFM on Thursday afternoon, he said that the baby was named after his late mum who passed away of cancer when Sam was just 15.

Baby Willow was born on Sunday after a very quick labour. Photo: Instagran
Sam's mum passed away over two decades ago. Source: Getty

“She’s named after my mum, my mum’s middle name was Wendy,” Sam told Hughesy and Kate.

“It was pretty special.”

The new dad also described the birth as quick and ‘dramatic’.

Sam has admitted he's been unable to stop crying since his little girl's birth. Source: Facebook
He shared this photo on Instagram.

“One minute we’re eating maccas and watching The Block, and two hours later it was all happening and my life will never be the same.

“It was dramatic for me, I was in tears, as soon as she came out I burst into tears… sobbing! I couldn’t stop, every time I looked at her.”

The labour was so quick that Snez didn’t get a chance to have an epidural.

“She said no, and by the time she changed her mind it was too late!” Sam said.

Snez cradling her new baby girl. Source: Facebook

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