Heartbreak as 'happy' mum-of-four 'burnt alive' by 'jealous' ex

The 38-year-old was returning home when she was snatched, a day before her body was found in bushland.

An aspiring nurse with four kids was allegedly burnt alive by her ex-partner who family members described as "jealous," three months after the mum ended their 14-year relationship.

Raphaela Salsa Ferreira Dias de Oliveira was snatched off the street as she arrived home from a class. As she got out of an Uber, she was coaxed into another car that had been following her.

The next day, on October 27, a lorry driver found her charred body in a woodland area some 40 kilometres from her home in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she lived with her children.

Mum Raphaela before death
Mum Raphaela, 38, was supposedly burned alive by her ex-husband. Source: Jam Press (Jam Press)

Her ex, Vagner Dias de Oliveira, was arrested three days later on suspicion of homicide, although he's so far denied any wrongdoing. He was later identified on CCTV buying a can of fuel at a petrol station. Police believe Raphaela, 38, was unconscious in his borrowed car at the time.

According to local media, the forensic report says the mum-of-four was burnt to death. The body was identified through her teeth and tattoos. According to the report, traces of soot were found on her tongue and in her lungs, indicating that inhaling smoke caused her to asphyxiated.

Ex-partner was 'jealous'

Several family members told police that Raphaela was afraid of Vagner, who is the father of her youngest two children. One of her daughters, a cousin, and her new boyfriend all described him as “jealous”.

Raphaela broke up with Vagner about three months ago following a 14-year relationship. Raphaela, an only child, was laid to rest in Rio de Janeiro on Tuesday.

Family pay tribute to 'happy' mum

Her mum, Maria da Conceição, paid tribute to her daughter on social media, saying: “You're gone, and there’s an emptiness. It hurts so much, my love.

“I love you forever, wait for me, I’m coming, my eternal love.”

Her teacher Wagner Santos Batista told local media: “Everyone liked her in the classroom.

“She stood out because of her contagious happiness and the joy she had in studying, striving for something better for herself and her family."


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