Heartbroken mum left "sickened" after finding photo of Lucy Letby with her baby

in this frame from a police body camera video provided by cheshire constabulary, lucy letby is arrested and is seen walking out of her home in handcuffs whilst wearing casual clothes
Mum 'sick' at finding photo of Letby with her babyHandout - Getty Images

A grieving mother has spoken out after finding a previously unseen photo of her baby son, who tragically passed away, with neonatal nurse, Lucy Letby, who was recently found guilty of murdering seven babies who were in her care.

Emily Morris, from Deeside, said she was getting ready for her son, Alvin, to leave the Countess of Chester hospital when he died in 2013. She is now calling on police to reinvestigate the case.

Describing how she felt after coming across the image of Letby and her child, Morris said it left her 'sickened'. Prior to this week, she had never seen the image before – it had been saved to a disc that was stored away in a memory box and she had been unable to access it via a computer.

The image was taken on the day of Alvin's christening and shows Letby reaching into his pram as Ms Morris lifts her baby out of it.

"It shocked us. It's really hard, to see a person who has done that to those babies next to you. It makes you sick," Ms Morris told the BBC, who have also published the photo.

She added, "You can see she is grabbing his blanket. I have told everybody that she did that and now there's proof. That's proof that she was with him."

a sign for the countess of chester hospital where lucy letby worked
The Countess of Chester hospital where Lucy Letby workedChristopher Furlong

Morris also claimed that she found Letby's behaviour towards her son, who suffered from muscular dystrophy, and towards her family, bizarre at the time.

"She wanted to touch him and change the bedding and constantly wanted to lean over him," she said. "And you just think, 'that's weird for a nurse'. But all the other nurses were absolutely fine with him.

"At the christening, when my family was leaning over the pram to make a fuss of him, she was constantly keeping her eyes on my family."

Morris also shared that Letby wrote a note for her son in his christening book, which reads: "To Alvin, with love on your special day. Lucy x"

Now, Morris says she is heartbroken to think that her baby may also have been targeted by Letby and is pushing for his death to be reinvestigated by the authorities. In 2018, she was informed by the police that they had not discovered anything suspicious about Alvin's death.

An independent inquiry, ordered by the Department of Health and Social Care, is currently underway and will examine the circumstances around Letby's killing spree, including how concerned colleagues who raised the alarm were ignored. It's a move welcomed by Morris, whose partner, Mark Lewis, also told press that they feel every patient looked after by Letby should be considered and consulted.

Det Supt Paul Hughes of Cheshire Police said the force was "committed to a complete and thorough investigation into the full period of time that Lucy Letby was employed as a nurse".

"This investigation remains ongoing, through a transparent and open-minded process," he said. "The families of all babies, who are part of this investigation, have been informed and are supported. We will of course provide a more detailed update when we can."

Letby has been issued a whole-life sentence for the murder of seven babies and attempted murder of six more between June 2015 and June 2016.

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