These heartfelt letters between a mom and daughter will have you grabbing for a tissue

Mom and daughter notebook on TikTok

Grab your tissues and settle in for this amazing TikTok video from @adorableaves sharing a journal she shared with her mother when she started to struggle with communicating her feelings. Avery and her mom would write notes back and forth—and the wisdom, love, and emotional advice her mom shared with her will have you crying.

As the title of the video says, “Reading these as an adult healed my inner child,” and you’ll definitely feel the love when you read some of the entries Avery shares.

The first note is from Avery asking her mom if she thought she was mean to her sister, explaining, “I try to be nice but I can’t help it when she does something to annoy me. I know you’re going to say just ignore her but….. I CAN’T. I love you, Avery.”

Her mom responds, “I think it’s normal to get annoyed with someone when you are with someone as often as you are Dani. I just want you to be respectful and not mean. But you don’t always have to ‘like’ her—just love her. Always treat people how you want to be treated. I love you so much and I am so proud of you! Love, Mom.”

Avery responded, “I promise I will be respectful. Thanks for understanding. Love, Avery.”

There are also letters back and forth discussing life lessons about tattling, where the mom’s response included the question, “I want you to be honest with me—promise not to get my feelings hurt—will you tell me three things I can do better as a mom?”

Avery responded, “I can’t think of three things, ‘your’ as perfect as a mom can get (‘too’ me).”

And a doozy of a following note, where Avery’s mom just writes, “Sometimes I look at you and can’t believe I created something so beautiful. Love, Mom.”

Another heartbreaking note from Avery was about being okay with her mom marrying someone else (her parents are divorced) and that while she wishes that her family would get back together and be “one big happy family,”  she is happy that “you and dad have a boyfriend/girlfriend again.”

She concludes this entry by saying, “I also want you to know if you don’t get married again and think that you will be alone, I will ALWAYS be there right beside you ‘til the day you die. XOXO, Avery.”

This video definitely struck an emotional nerve with many viewers, as evidenced by the sweet comments.

One commenter said, “Some people really ARE meant to be parents.” And “All of her entries are so effortlessly wise, thoughtful and loving,” said another. And one person summed it up perfectly, “This healed my inner child and it’s not even my mom. What a beautiful way of parenting. I wish other parents would understand there’s different ways.”

“Not exaggerating, this is probably the most precious thing I’ve ever seen,” said another viewer. And she’s absolutely right. Seriously grab your tissues before viewing this video, you’ll be happy you did.

A version of this story was originally published on Dec. 6, 2023. It has been updated.