Heidi Klum and I Both Wear These Controversial Clogs That Shoppers Call the “Lovechild of Comfort and Fashion”

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The divisive shoes feels like clouds on my feet.

You know when you see someone strikingly beautiful wear something completely unexpected and wonder, “Is that a *look,* or are they just hot?” When it comes to shoes, Heidi Klum is that person for me, because the supermodel has a knack for convincing me that otherwise controversial shoes are a must-have. Sometimes it’s that she’s a model and no matter what she wears, it’s going to look good, but other times the eclectic shoe I was sure only she could pull off ends up being a personal favorite.

Which brings me to the point: Klum has once again worn a pair of platform Crocs. Yes, again — the model donned a pair of highlighter yellow clogs back in 2021, as well as a bold white pair. This time, she kept it simple (and dare I say chic?) by pairing her distressed wide leg jeans and basic tank with a black platform version of the rubber shoe. It played into the laid-back nature of her outfit while also adding a little fun to the look. And while some might consider the Crocs “ugly,” I’m all in — as are shoppers who call them the “lovechild of comfort and fashion.” They don’t look good just because a model’s wearing them, they look good because they’re actually cool.




Klum’s exact Bae Platform Clogs are seemingly discontinued, but the brand has a number of similar heeled styles — one of which I wear almost daily. Croc’s Mega Crush Clog is nearly identical to her style, with a chunky platform and just over two-inch heel. The Mega Crush Clog features a strap that can go across the top of your foot or around the back of the ankle for a little extra support as well as flexible 360 comfort.

The first time I slipped these Crocs on, I was admittedly prepared to hate them. But the moment they were on, I felt instant relief. It was like I was walking on firm cushions that massaged my feet with each step. “To wear this comfy clog after a long day is amazing,” wrote a shopper who explained that they always slide these on after standing in “heavy steel toe boots all day.” “I have never felt such comfort,” raved another person. “My feet feel better in them than [they] feel barefoot.” Plus, they’re breathable. When I’m running errands — especially on hot days when my feet need some ventilation — these chunky clogs are what I reach for.




And, yes, these shoes are cute (sorry Croc haters). The shoe’s chunkiness is playful and young and adds what shoppers call “great flair” to even the simplest of looks. “They make any outfit look great,” wrote one customer, while another person called them “everything!” “I get so many compliments when I wear them,” they added. And another shopper who “never thought” they’d be a Crocs person wrote that they now own three pairs, deeming themselves “obsessed” with the platform clogs.

In addition to the Mega Crush platform clogs, Crocs recently came out with the Siren clog which, yes, I also own and, obviously, am also in love with. They are a stylish statement shoe that offers comfort you won’t find in any other heel. And even my boyfriend, who falls on the side of “Crocs are ugly” debate, called them “cool.”




I encourage you to drop your preconceived notions about Crocs because the brand’s platform and heeled clogs are expertly blending style with comfort — plus, they’re Heidi Klum-approved, so what more could you ask for?

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