Heidi Klum cooked sauerkraut soup for America's Got Talent judges

Heidi Klum cooked a German speciality for her 'America's Got Talent' judges - but they didn't enjoy her special sauerkraut soup.
The 44-year-old supermodel was born and raised in Bergisch Gladbach, a town just outside of Cologne, and she learnt to make several dishes popular in home country Germany when growing up.
Heidi thought she'd treat her fellow panellists on the NBC talent show, Howie Mandel, Mel B and Simon Cowell, to her own recipe for sauerkraut soup - traditionally made from fermented cabbage, carrots, potatoes and chickpeas - during this year's audition stage but they were less than impressed by the vomit-like appearance of the dish.
Speaking to National Enquirer magazine, she revealed: "No one liked it. It was a German theme, so I made sauerkraut soup; it does look like someone ate something and threw it back up, but it is really good. It took me hours to make."
Luckily for Heidi her four children - Helene, 13, Henry, 12, Johan, 11, and Lou, eight - enjoy her home cooking, especially her specialty schnitzel.
She said: "I cook many things - schnitzel and potatoes, vegetables, meatballs. I make the whole Thanksgiving: I do a turkey, stuffing, salads, yams with marshmallows. Like some people need to go to a spa, I like to cook."
However, Heidi doesn't overindulge in her own food because she watches what she eats to keep her enviable figure but she does enjoy a trip to McDonald's on occasions to indulge her craving for a burger.
She spilled: "A guilty pleasure? I love a Big Mac and french fries.
"For me, staying in shape is more about the food than anything else. I just eat very healthily. I don't have a trainer - the last time I did was when I had my last child, and that's a long time ago. I trained before I did Victoria's Secret shows. Now I have phases where I will run."