Heidi Klum says she panics when her daughter Leni doesn’t pick up the phone

Heidi Klum says she panics when her daughter Leni doesn’t pick up the phone now she’s left home.
The ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge is “already starting” to worry about her 18-year-old college student not returning her calls now she is living without her in New York City.
The 49-year-old supermodel told James Corden while appearing on ‘The Late Late Show’ alongside photographer David LaChapelle on Monday evening (29.08.22): "It's crazy, today she had her first day in college.
“This weekend, she just moved in, and I call her. Normally she picks up, but then three, four hours I don't hear anything. And already, my head is going 'Where is she? What is she doing? Why is she not answering?' Already the worrying is starting."
Heidi shared how the parenting milestones come quicker and quicker, adding it gets “harder”.
She said: "First they have a car and they drive, and that's hard. Then they move across the country, and that's harder."
The former ‘Project Runway’ host joked she was calling her daughter “every two hours” and how she was angling for her roommate’s contact deets.
Heidi said: "Now I want the number of the roommate, so I can bug the roommate if she doesn't pick up ... And then I'm going to get the number from the neighbor."
Heidi - who also has daughter Lou, 12, and son Johan, 15, and Henry, 16, her ex Seal - posted a throwback snap of her four months pregnant with Leni while walking a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, which she felt was taken “only yesterday”.
She wrote: "Today is your big move to head off to college… [crying cat emoji] Seems like only yesterday that this photo was taken when I was four months pregnant with you safe and sound in my belly. [pregnant woman emoji],"
Heidi continued: "Sometimes I wish I could always have you that close but I know it's now time for you to go spread your wings and fly," [blue butterfly emoji]. Take flight, be safe and shine bright my @leniklum [pink sparkly heart emoji]"