Heinz Just Unveiled Pickle-Flavored Ketchup And People Are Horrified

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Heinz Just Unveiled Pickle-Flavored KetchupHeinz

Earlier this year, Spritz Society turned its April Fools joke into a reality with the release of a pickle-flavored sparkling wine cocktail—and garnered a surprising amount of positive buzz. Now, Heinz is riding the pickle wave and dropping a pickle-flavored creation of its own.

The condiment king has officially unveiled Pickle Ketchup, a briney tomato hybrid that will be hitting grocery shelves in 2024.

According to the brand, it was inspired by a nationwide obsession with pickles—73 percent of Americans reported that they enjoy the taste.

"Increased desire for tasty, yet unexpected condiments has served as our innovation north star for the last several years," Director of HEINZ Innovation at The Kraft Heinz Company Katie Peterson said in a statement. "The current pickle craze in America mirrors the irrational love HEINZ fans have for the brand, so it only made sense for our newest ketchup to blend these two beloved tastes together."

And while that might be the case, the internet's reaction to this news was...the opposite.

"Hard pass," one user wrote, while others chimed in, writing, "not sure about this" and "Who asked for this? We all know it’s gonna be nothing but a bunch of chemicals."

"F*ck that. Bring back jalapeño ketchup," a third person wrote. Welp.

Other fans chimed in to ask if it was just "relish," while some folks were excited about the release. "As a dill pickle AND ketchup fanatic, what a glorious time to be alive," a pro-pickle ketchup fan wrote. "

Heinz's new Pickle Ketchup and Spritz Society's dill cocktail are far from the only pickle-flavored products on the market. We've seen Dill Doritos, pickle gummies, pickle candy canes, the list goes on. Pringles even released a Screaming Dill Pickle-flavored potato chip.

While the Heinz Pickle Ketchup won't make its official debut until 2024, the press release reports that it's already made its foray into the U.K. market and is currently available at select retailers across the pond. The question you wait for the U.S. roll out or book a flight to London just for a try?

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