Hello, your love and sex horoscope for the week ahead is here

Your love and sex horoscope for the weekendHearst Owned

What’s happening: Mercury (which is still retrograde) links up with serious Saturn tonight, and it also makes a gentle connection with Venus. Venus harmonises with Saturn on Saturday, and then on Sunday, Mercury Retrograde finally ends! Monday’s astro features a romantic, sensual trine with Mars and dreamy Neptune, and on Thursday, the Sun gently links up with Neptune.

What that means for your star sign


Don’t expect to get much action this week, Aries. If you’re looking for love, don’t anticipate coming across anyone exciting. Instead, you’re spending a lot of time looking back and focusing on past relationships. If you’re in a long term relationship, this can mean a great trip down memory lane with your s/o, but if you’re single or missing someone, this week’s astro makes you especially emotional.


Things are looking up! There’s loads of romance coming your way this weekend, and it feels way easier to open up to others and connect. This is great for meeting your next fling, but Saturn’s involvement suggests that this is also the time to start building something more serious, with substance. Mercury Retrograde ends on Sunday, so after the weekend is over, you’re in the clear to define the relationship, get hitched, etc. and start giving your love life the glow up it deserves!


For the past month, exes have been popping back into your life in a major way. It’s been a great time for finding closure and moving on, but it’s probably been an emotional and somewhat chaotic time, too. Mercury Retrograde ending this week means that there aren’t any new problems popping up, but the rest of this astro-weather says that there’s leftovers you still need to deal with. This week is your last chance to let the past go, say your goodbyes, and move on.


The love planets, Venus and Mars, are hanging out in your sign right now, so you’re looking good, feeling great, and catching everyone’s attention wherever you go. Get all dolled up this weekend and go out! People won’t be able to keep their eyes off you. You’re definitely going to make a few friends and it’s pretty likely you’ll find someone sexy to take home after, too.


There’s drama coming your way from a few different angles this week, unfortunately. First, the love planets are in your chart’s 12th house, which rules exes and “hidden enemies.” Second, Mercury is still retrograde this weekend, so running into those exes is a major possibility. I think it looks like you’re dealing with an ex-flame with an attitude. As much as you would like to fight about it, I think you should try to stay level-headed. Maybe you can smooth things over with them. Also — don’t get your current partner involved. Handle this by yourself.


There's loads of potential for growth in your love life this week, Virgo! There’s a lot of romantic astro in the air right now, and Venus and Mars in Cancer are teaming up to help you attract new people to you. It feels much easier to connect with others now. However, the underlying astro here ultimately supports commitment and long-term relationships. Hookups can be fun, but they’ll leave you wanting more right now. If you’re with someone and seriously considering upgrading your relationship, this is the week to do it!


You’re making progress, Libra. Very slow progress, but progress nonetheless. Commitment is tough for you. You’re constantly plagued with questions — like “What if they’re not all that great?” “What if someone better comes along?” and “What if I get bored?” — and that makes it tough to lock down a serious relationship. Listen, I’m a Libra, I get it. The constant “what ifs” can be maddening, but you can’t let them control you. If you’re with someone you love, and they love you too, you probably have no reason (other than “what if?”) to not commit. Come on now.


This entire Mercury Retrograde has been a crash course to help you learn how to better connect with others, and now that the retrograde is ending, the rewards from your hard work are coming in. All week long, there’s spicy astro pushing you to leave your comfort zone a little bit when it comes to your love life. Instead of waiting for your crush to text you first, get the jump on them and hit them up. Try something kinky with your partner. Maybe add a third person to the mix! It’s been a rough past few weeks, and you deserve to have some fun!


Bad news, Sagittarius. Your love life is dryyyy as hell this week. Work is absolutely kicking your ass, so you barely have the energy to swipe through dating apps, and all the stress makes you more likely to blow up on your partner when they really don’t deserve it. This week, you’re learning about boundaries. Sometimes, you’re too worn out to worry about anyone else, even your partner. It’s okay to spend time alone and work on taking care of yourself. Just make sure you explain it to your partner nicely, and you can get through this exhausting week without any drama.


With the love planets in your chart’s relationships zone and all of the Taurus astro-weather in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, it’s safe to say that you’re having a pretty exciting week ahead of you! What are you looking for in your love life? Do you want to be in a serious relationship? Do you just want to have loads of hot and heavy hookups? Or maybe you want space or to take a break from your current relationship? What you say goes right now, Capricorn, so what do you want? Who do you want it from? How can you tell them about it? Start that conversation, and you’re likely to find lots of luck this week.


This weekend could feel like you’re taking one step forward, three steps back in your love life. Whenever you conquer a problem — an argument with your boo, a miscommunication issue, etc. — another one seems to pop up. And you keep spotting issues in your relationship — someone is always late, or someone is a really bad texter, or forgets important dates. You could tear yourself (or your partner) apart over these issues, but I urge you to not do that. Treat yourself and your partner with some grace. People aren’t perfect. Relationships aren’t perfect. Solve the problems as they come up, but make sure you’re spending time celebrating the positive aspects of your relationship, too.


Mercury Retrograde’s been making it tough to communicate with others. Flirting isn’t working, pickup lines are falling flat, and you’re becoming the most forgetful texter in the world. Well, Mercury Retrograde ends this weekend, and hopefully you’ve learned some tricks to better interact with others, because loads of fit people are waiting to hit you up this week. There’s lots of potential for romance, if that’s your thing, but this astro is really supportive of hooking up and having great sex. Enjoy!

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