Hello, your love and sex horoscope for the weekend is here

Your sex and love horoscope for the weekendHearst Owned

What’s happening:iIt's a busy week! Tonight is the cazimi Mercury — a transit where Mercury and the Sun meet up in the sky. This energy is perfect for asking someone out or starting any important conversations. At the same time, Venus is teaming up with Saturn, the planet of structure. Mercury enters fiery Aries on Saturday, Aries season begins on Monday, and this year’s New Moon in Aries is on Tuesday. Let's go!

What that means for your star sign


It looks like you’re getting contacted by an ex this weekend. Instead of blowing up as you tend to do, my advice is to hear them out. At the worst, you might get in an argument and never see them again. But at best, this could be the perfect opportunity to find closure. After that, you can blast off into Aries season with a clean slate, ready for action!


This is a great weekend if you and your boo are ready to define the relationship or upgrade your relationship in some way. Venus is in your sign (its favourite sign!), making you more attractive than ever, and Saturn is encouraging you to solidify your relationship. After that, Aries season beginning slows your love life way down, so if you’re single, don’t expect an abundance of action for the next few weeks.


Are you ready to define the relationship? If so, today’s cazimi Mercury is helping you pick the perfect words to say to upgrade your relationship status! Now, if you’re a single Gemini, all of the astro in Aries this week is perf for making new connections, having fun flirting with everyone, and potentially finding your next partner! Venus in Taurus has a slowing effect on your love life, but this week’s fiery astro-weather is helping you to get some action!


Put yourself out there, Cancer! Get out of your shell! If your love life is feeling boring, this weekend’s telling you that it’s time to try something (or someone!) new. Shoot your shot, tell your crush how you really feel, do something! You’re picking up speed in your love life now, and Aries season’s influence for the next month is amazing for upgrading your relationship status!


You’ve had a super emotional past few weeks thanks to Pisces season’s emo influence, but this week finds Mercury and the Sun entering Aries, firing up your life and getting you out of this funk! Instead of being stuck in your feelings, you’re feeling more eager to get out there. You’re not dwelling on the past anymore, and you’re feeling ready for the future! Love is about to feel exciting again!


Last week’s astro was wild, and there’s a chance that you and your s/o got into it. This week’s astro is totally different. This is the perfect time to clear the air, make sure you and your partner are on the same page, and move forward. Let go of your tendency to hold grudges, and accept that every relationship has problems — but how you deal with those problems is what’s truly important.


Pisces season was not it for you. You felt busy 24/7 and you were totally swamped with work, but guess what? Now, it’s Aries season! Mercury, the Sun, and the New Moon are all activating your chart’s relationships zone, and this signifies a fresh start. This could mean going on a first date with your crush, defining the relationship, or maybe even getting engaged. There’s limitless potential to upgrade your relationship right now.


Single or taken, this is a great night for Scorpios! If you’re looking for action, the cazimi Mercury in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun makes it easier than ever to find someone to fool around with! Maybe you’re looking for something more serious. Saturn’s heavy influence tonight is great for solidifying your relationship. The rest of the week? Not so much. Aries season’s vibes make you busy, busy, busy, and work is becoming one of your top priorities.


This weekend finds you taking your love life more seriously. If you’ve been seeing someone for a while, you’re more compelled to define the relationship. But if you’re looking for fun, not love, I have great news: Aries season starts this week, and it’s setting your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun on fire! That means you can expect puh-lenty of action to come your way soon!


Your partner is still waiting for you to let your walls down, Capricorn. There’s a ton of room for romance right now, but if you refuse to open up, you’ll squander the potential of this weekend. If you can’t take that step and share your emotions, your partner might even consider taking a break. You have nothing to lose, bb. Let those feelings out. Show your partner you trust them. It’ll make your relationship stronger.


You’re not getting much action this weekend. Instead, you’re being given a lot of time to focus on what you really want and need from a relationship. Once Aries season begins, you know exactly what you want from your love life, and you can start making the necessary changes. Not having enough sex? Tell your partner that you’re trying to get down and dirty! Feeling single and lonely as hell? Instead of swiping through dating apps, go out and meet people! There are very simple solutions to these problems you’re facing, Aquarius, you just have to take initiative.


This weekend is helping the single Pisces more than those of you who are already boo’d up. The cazimi Mercury and the Venus/Saturn sextile tonight make you feel confident in who you are and what you want, and makes it easier than ever to connect, flirt, and get to know all the cuties you run into. The rest of the week encourages you to stabilise your relationships. That means this is one of the best times to start dating someone, have the 'define the relationship' talk, or upgrade your relationship in some other way.

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