Henry Cavill's 'uncool' injury

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Henry Cavill wishes he’d torn his hamstring in a “cool” way.
The 38-year-old actor was filming season two of ‘The Witcher’ in December last year when he suffered the medical mishap but he’s joked it was a “’Red Riding Hood’” way of getting hurt because he was doing nothing more strenuous than running through the woods.
He said: “Obviously we had that injury, which ironically came just from me running through the woods.
“It was a moment where my foot hit some dead wood and it slipped and over-contracted and just snapped.
“Thankfully, it didn’t completely detach from the bone but it was a fairly serious injury.
“I wish it could be something cool like, ‘I was fighting something monstrous’, but instead I was running through the woods. It was a ‘Red Riding Hood’ injury.”
Henry has to maintain a high level of fitness all year round for the sake of his character, even though he only films for months at a time.
He explained to SFX magazine: “It always takes a lot of work to stay in shape throughout production.
“It’s not like one can get in shape, then not train for six months and keep on shooting throughout the long work day.
“Everything will start to fall apart.
“The maintenance of that is difficult. To make sure that the character is physically representative in a way which would represent a mutant who is capable of killing monsters takes a lot of work and prep.”

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