Henry Winkler sends fan mail to other actors

Henry Winkler writes fan letters to other actors.
The 'Happy Days' legend - who played Arthur 'Fonzie' Fonzarelli on the classic 1970s sitcom - has revealed that despite being a huge star in his own right, he still likes to send mail to people he admires.
Speaking to daytime talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, he said: "I think if you see something it is so incredible, if you see a performance like Sam Rockwell as Fosse [in 'Fosse/Verdon'], you have to write a letter.
"If you see Patricia Arquette in 'Escape From Dannemora', you have to write a letter. I write fan letters."
Meanwhile, earlier this year the 73-year-old actor revealed he once saved a suicidal teenager when he was called by an Illinois state trooper who asked him to intervene in a potentially tragic situation.
Recalling the emotional and tense moment, Henry - who was on the set of 'Happy Days' at the time of the call - explained: "I said, 'OK, what is your name. OK John, how old are you? You're 17, you're on the ledge, why do you want to jump?' 'I wanna be an actor.' 'OK, you're 17 and you haven't made it yet. Let me ask you a question - do you have a record collection?'
"He said yes, I said, 'OK, before you jump John will you just will them to me? OK, Good. If you get off the ledge, let's talk about acting. Hand the phone... Alright, you're inside now?'
"'I was 27 when I got the Fonz, John. I think you've got 10 good years to keep trying. How 'bout that? Will you do that? OK. Can I get back to rehearsing? Thank you.' "
The 'Barry' star is still stunned he had the "nerve" to take control of the situation.
He added: "I have not thought about that story in a while. I don't know where I got the nerve to talk to him and I just thought, 'I'm gonna maybe take him in another direction."

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