Here’s Tyler Cameron Genuinely Calling Out His Brother for Touching Hannah Brown’s Thigh

Mehera Bonner
Photo credit: Instagram

From Cosmopolitan

Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown are currently quarantining together in Florida with a group of friends, and naturally, everyone thinks they’re back together. Mostly because their vibe is incredibly flirty, and duh—they used to make out on national television. You cannot convince me these two are just friends!!!!!

Anyway, Bachelor Nation is looking for any and every clue that Tyler and Hannah are together, and the latest? Tyler called out his brother Ryan for touching Hannah’s thigh during a Quarantine Crew Instagram Live.

In said ~live~, Ryan rests his entire damn arm on Hannah’s leg, and judging from Tyler’s face, he isn’t having it. Also, he legit says, “Grabbing on her thigh pretty hard,” before Ryan awkwardly moves his hand. BEHOLD:

FYI, a few weeks back a source close to Tyler told Us Weekly that he and Hannah “have a lot of love for each other” but that they aren’t dating. However, the source also said, “Could something happen down the line? Sure.”

Meanwhile, another source told E!, “There is definite chemistry between Hannah and Tyler, but they are not dating. They both have expressed they are not in a position to date right now but do care about each other. They have both been through a lot recently and are supporting each other through it. Tyler has definitely been leaning on Hannah and it feels very comforting to have her around. Hannah gets along with Tyler’s family and friends and everyone loves her.”

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