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10 best-selling hiking essentials you need to hit the trails, all under $34 on Amazon

Our picks, from $10. (Photo: Amazon)
Our picks, from $10. (Photo: Amazon)

Got a late summer hiking trip planned? Good idea! Just make sure you don't leave the house unprepared — a common mistake among casual trekkers. You may think all you need is a great pair of shoes or weather-resistant cap. However, even the most novice of explorers needs to stock up on certain must-haves — to carry, to wear...even, worst-case, to ensure your survival. So, in the interest of smartness and safety: Don't leave the house without the following 10 essentials.

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This carryall features waterproof wet pockets and loads of other pockets to stow goods. Because it weighs only one pound, you can easily fold it into its own pocket for storage and quickly unfold it when you need it.
$29 at Amazon

"The backpack can make or break the enjoyment you have on any adventure, whether mountain climbing, hiking, or exploring the outdoors! I am a smaller build and the straps were perfect and so comfortable on my shoulders. I had a lot of gear I was carrying up the mountain and I never noticed the weight! I love my new pack!" wrote one of the 22,000+ five-star reviews.

The Atomic Bear
This bracelet performs five functions: fire starter, compass, loud emergency whistle, ferro rod striker and 12 feet of military-grade paracord. It comes in a pack of two, one for you and one for your hiking buddy.
$11 at Amazon

"The bracelet is light and easy to use. The whistle is loud and the compass accurate. Plenty of cord to help out of an emergency situation. Worth the money," reports a reviewer.

The straw contains a microfiltration membrane that removes 99.999999 percent of waterborne bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella), and 99.999 percent of waterborne parasites (including giardia and cryptosporidium).
$20 at Amazon

Wrote a five-star reviewer: "We took the LifeStraw on a hiking trip in Montana. While we carried water bottles, we went through those fairly quickly, [but] were then able to continue having fresh water to drink and made the backpack much lighter."

This small but mighty pack includes various bandages, a howler whistle, mouth to mouth mask, tapes, gloves, tweezers and so much more.
$13 at Amazon

"I travel frequently and often find myself needing a small bandage, blister protector, dry eye drops, or some other small medical thing. A full-size medical kit is awkward to tuck in a tote but this is perfect. I highly recommend it," a satisfied customer wrote.

This is a No. 1 bestseller for a reason. These head lamps have a runtime that can exceed 10 hours (on the low setting) and they weigh only three ounces. They're also water-resistant, so you can even use them during a downpour.
$19 at Amazon

An Amazon shopper wrote: "Bought this for my husband, and he uses it all the time. He loves it. It comes in handy when he’s working underneath cars or on dirt bikes since it's hands-free. Highly recommend this so he doesn’t have to hold a flashlight with his mouth or try to prop one up. And it’s a two-pack, so one at home and one at work. He’s had it for a couple of months now and it’s still working well...the brightness on the head lamp is significant. It’s a very good product."

These breathable, water-resistant pants boast four zip-closure security pockets. Stretch-woven fabric with built-in UPF 50+ promises great protection against harmful rays.
$37 at Amazon

"Love these pants. The small fits me (5', 120 lbs). I already have a blue/green pair and now I have the purple one as well. They are very lightweight but survived a tough hike where I fell and slid. All the dirt came out and they look fine," said a fan who owns two pairs.

This functions as both a wireless power bank and wireless charger. It also comes loaded with dual flashlights and an emergency light. Make sure to properly read the instructions to make sure the solar panels accurately charge.
$26 at Amazon

"This power bank is amazing! For a weekend cub scouts camping trip (Friday night to Sunday afternoon) it helped keep my phone and my kiddos tablets charged but the kicker is the solar option!! No need to worry about sitting in the car missing the fun we could charge and hike no problem, even in the rain!" exclaimed a reviewer. Just $26 with an on-page coupon.

Say goodbye to bites with these bracelets. They're made with essential oils found to repel mosquitoes, and they're fully adjustable, stretchy and easily fit over most arms. Plus, they are waterproof.
$10 at Amazon

"These are the be-all, end-all mosquito repellant. They also repel flies/other bugs. We use them for going to the dog park, hiking, going to the lake, or any other activity where we’ll be outside long enough to get chewed up. We put them back in their bags [after] using them, and they last multiple uses!" a satisfied customer reports.

Document the best parts of your adventures with this tool. It's stable on any surface and works with smartphones, digital cameras, GoPros and webcams up to 3.7 inches wide. The wireless remote has a range of up to 30 feet.
$17 at Amazon

This delighted shutterbug penned: "As a mom, this helps me be IN pictures with my kids as well as some background. No more selfies and not having any idea where we are pictures. I wrap mine on our stroller handle and position the stroller as needed. It was worth every penny."

Mix these powders with water for a hydrating beverage during your travels. They're made with premium ingredients and the mix consists of five essential vitamins including Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12 and Vitamin C.
$23 at Amazon

"Liquid IV is a lifesaver. I had a water filter system that I couldn't mix the packet in. After a 12 mile hike, I had terrible leg cramps. On my way back I used 3 packets spread out throughout the hike and had zero problems. I will never backpack without Liquid IV again," wrote a loyal customer.

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