Hilaria and Alec Baldwin are 'so grateful' after their cat is 'healed' from car accident

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Alec and Hilaria Baldwin are “so grateful” after their cat has fully “healed”, months after getting run over.
The couple's beloved pet Emilio went missing in November and the 37-year-old yoga instructor has now revealed their feline friend has spent several months "in a cage" to heal from the injuries he received after being hit by a car while he was roaming the outside world.
Hilaria wrote on Instagram: “Emilio is free from his cage. Escaped from the house, hit by a car, found by some amazing people, taken such good care of by amazing vets…months in a cage to limit his movement. Now he is healed and we are all so grateful and happy [sparkle emoji].”
News about the pussy going missing was shared in November by the podcaster.
Hilaria wrote on the social media site: “"We can't find our cat, Emilio. If anyone sees him, please help him get home. We are all so upset. He's microchipped but no collar.”
Hours later, the mother-of six - Carmen, eight, Rafael, six, Leonardo, five, Romeo, three, Eduardo, 16 months, and Maria, 10 months - was able to locate her family’s feline friend, who had a broken leg but appeared “alert”.
She shared on Instagram: “Fingers crossed he will pull through. Thank you to all of those who helped, I’m so grateful, beyond words.”
In the post celebrating Emilio’s return, Hilaria outlined that she would not be naming any members of the moggy’s search party, despite her gratitude because she wanted to shield them from the public eye.
She explained: "The paparazzi and tabloid media are calling every single connection to us, and I don't want you to be harassed too, in their frenzy to make more money."

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