Hilaria Baldwin feeling 'wear and tear' of pregnancy

Hilaria Baldwin is feeling the "wear and tear" of pregnancy more now she is older.
The 38-year-old yoga instructor - who has Carmen, eight, Rafael, seven, Leonardo, five, Romeo, four, Edu, 22 months, and Maria, 16 months, with husband Alec Baldwin - is
expecting her seventh child and though she is "grateful" she's been able to stay as active this time round as when carrying her other children, she admitted it hasn't been as easy.
Sharing a throwback video of her doing squats, she wrote in the caption: "As I begin the final trimester of this pregnancy, I feel my body slowing down.
"I love exercising while pregnant and feel grateful that my pregnancies have allowed for me to be active.
"We all know that every pregnancy is different and much control we have to let go to nature and listen to what our reality is.
"Age and wear and tear of so many pregnancies and babies are things I def feel.
"Respecting the slowing down process and then the slow rev up again after baby. The expansion and contraction of the body. How grateful I am to have these experiences in my life's story.(sic)"
Hilaria also poked fun of the fact she was working out in high heels in the video.
She added: "You guys know me: always moving around with whatever I am wearing [laughing emoji] (sic)"
The podcaster and her 64-year-old spouse - who also has daughter Ireland, 26, from his marriage to Kim Basinger - revealed in May they are expecting another baby girl.
The couple broke the news in an Instagram video which saw the family offering advice to the unborn child before Hilaria said: “I can’t wait to meet you, my daughter.”
And she wrote in the caption of the video, which details why she went with the video route: "It’s always been both fun and meaningful for me to find out what is the sex of my baby, yet, as I grow and learn, I want to do it a bit differently this time around. What will make our baby a loving, whole person? What matters? What will make them feel seen, free, and proud? Perhaps nothing that we can define. We can only guide, encourage their spirit, listen, share our experiences, and learn from them, as we watch their own journey. We can provide as good a life as we can, but the rest is up to our baby to discover their own, unique self.
"I share with you our family’s hopes and wishes, encouragement and advice for our new baby. I feel so much joy, watching these children, who are filled with love and the most simple, kind wisdom. Hearing them share their words is one of my greatest gifts in life.
Join us in honoring this whole little independent human, growing inside of me[red heart emoji].”