Hilary Duff just compared her go-to breakfast to Gwyneth Paltrow's

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Our obsession with celebrity wellness routines is nothing new, whether we're trying to emulate Kim Kardashian's impressive abs or searching for inspiration for our easy after-work recipes.

It's why so many of us are enthralled by those 'what I eat in a day' videos all over TikTok, and even celebrities themselves have been getting into the trend, with the most notable being Gwyneth Paltrow, whose dietary revelations sent the world into a meltdown just a few weeks ago.

More recently, Hilary Duff has given fans an insight into her own diet, sharing that her go-to breakfast is cauliflower rounds with egg salad – British translation: hash browns made with cauliflower and topped with a dollop of egg mayo.

"I wake up really hungry," the Lizzie McGuire star said this week on an episode of Lipstick on the Rim podcast. "I'm obsessed with those cauliflower rounds," she went on. "They're [made with] just cauliflower and maybe like one other thing. They're super clean."

Hilary continued: "I put it in the air fryer and put egg salad on top of it, or avocado or a fried egg and vegan sausage."

The actor and mum-of-three went on to say she makes overnight oats on occasion, but also admitted to sometimes not eating at all in the mornings. "I know Gwyneth is in trouble for saying this," she said, referencing Gwyneth's recent controversial comments. "But sometimes I try to just drink coffee in the morning to starve off the hunger."

A clip from the podcast was later shared to TikTok, and there was a mixed reaction to Hilary's breakfast confession from viewers. "Starve off the hunger??? Jesus," one person commented, as someone else said: "I wake up really hungry so I wake up and eat nothing." Another person pointed out how Hilary's comments may have been impacted by the toxic diet culture of the nineties and noughties. "How I know I grew up in the same generation as Hilary Duff," they said.

Other people hopped to Hilary's defence. "Unpopular opinion: It's okay to not eat breakfast sometimes," one person commented, as someone else wrote, "Don’t blame her for diet culture."

Someone else tried to see a lighter side to it all, and joked: "[Her] hunger cannot be like my hunger. I can't accomplish anything without eating." Hard relate.

Last year, Hilary opened up about how she'd previously suffered with a "horrifying" eating disorder. "Because of my career path, I can’t help but be like, 'I am on camera and actresses are skinny'," she told Women's Health, recalling that her relationship with her body worsened when she was 17 – around the same time she shot to fame for her role on Lizzie McGuire. "It was horrifying."

Since then, Hilary has developed a more positive outlook on her body confidence. "[I’m] appreciating my health, doing activities that make me feel strong instead of just bettering the outside of my body," she explained. "Spending time with people that make me feel good and share similar views on health and body positivity and getting enough sleep and balance in my diet."

If you’re worried about your own or someone else’s health, you can contact Beat, the UK’s eating disorder charity, 365 days a year on 0808 801 0677 or beateatingdisorders.org.uk.

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