Hillary Clinton Calls Out Putin's Manspreading With Perfect Demonstration

Apparently, Russian PresidentVladimir Putin― who has been vocal about hisdisdain for Clinton and women in general― has a manspreading problem. 

On Tuesday night, Hillary Rodham Clinton paid a visit to theLate Show with Stephen Colbertto talk about her book, What Happened. In one particularly funny segment, she recalled one way that Putin demonstrated his discomfort with having to work with a female Secretary of State, a role that Clinton held from 2009 to 2013. 

 “I’m a woman, which does seem to get him a bit agitated,” she told Colbert. 

“Has he ever said anything to you personally to demonstrate that?” Colbert asked in return. 

Clinton responded by bringing up theoft-mockedmale habit ofmanspreading.

“As I write in the book, there’s an expression ― we certainly know it in New York ― called ‘manspreading.’”

She then demonstrated what Putin would do whenever he met with her. 

“Every time I met with him it would be ... the whole deal.” 

Turns out, not even the highest women in political office are immune to the dreaded manspread. 


This article originally appeared on HuffPost.