Hillary Clinton wanted to show 'a different side' to Kim Kardashian on Gutsy

Hillary Clinton wanted to "show a different side" to Kim Kardashian on her Apple TV+ series 'Gutsy'.
The former US Secretary of State's new eight-part documentary sees the polarizing politician and her daughter Chelsea Clinton celebrate the "gutsy" women who have inspired them.
And the 'Kardashians' star is one of the women featured for her influence and Hillary wanted to highlight her prison reform work.
Asked why it was important to show non-celebrities as well, she told Radio Times magazine: "It really was.
"But even with well-known names like Kim, we wanted to show a different side of them.
"Most people might not know about Kim's commitment to criminal justice and to people who have been incarcerated unfairly or for too long a period of time.
"But we were most excited about meeting women who are not so well known [such as footballer Abby Wambach and YouTuber ContraPoints].
"We didn't know them, or if we did, we knew that many others didn't know."
Hillary is keen to continue raising issues for women globally and would love to do a second series.
She said: "I would love to continue to highlight women's stories and women's lives.
"I think there's a global interest in talking about what women are facing today, the decisions that we all have to make, the challenges, from discrimination to climate to - in the USA - the reversal of Roe vs Wade by the Supreme Court.
"These challenges of being a woman today and of having the right to make your own decisions, being able to make your choices as to what's right for you, your family and your future ... those are universal.
"If we have a chance to keep telling those stories, I would want to do that."